Why Is Asphalt, Parking Lot & Driveway Sealing  Important?

Prolong and Protect Your Driveway’s Life. Sealing is NOT a substitute for repairs to damaged surfaces.  It can, however, prolong the life of weathered surfaces, and prevent good surfaces from becoming damaged. As soon as freshly laid asphalt begins to cool, so begins the aging process, which can eventually rob the pavement of its life

How long should I wait before sealing my new driveway?

Asphalt needs to cure (harden) for approximately one year.  Sealing a driveway too soon will cause the asphalt to become too soft.

What ages my driveway?

  • The sun bakes out the liquid asphalt and dries out the surface.
  • Fluids that leak from vehicles.
  • Water penetrating the surface stresses the pavement and propagates cracks.  In the winter, the water in the surface freezes, expands, and propagates cracks.

What Questions Should I Ask before hiring a contractor?

  • Before choosing an asphalt-sealing contractor, you should ask the following questions.
  • How much experience does the asphalt sealing contractor have?
  • Is the contractor licensed and insured?
  • What types of materials does the contractor use? Is it watered down beyond the point of effectiveness or is mixed properly to insure maximum protection?

What Determines Cost Of Asphalt, Parking Lot & Driveway Sealing?

Asphalt sealing is priced at literally pennies a square foot.  The greater the square footage, the higher the cost.  Additional charges may apply for crack filling.  Moreover, if you have vehicles that leak fluids, we will apply an oil-spot primer to prevent the stains from bleeding through the sealer.  This service may also incur a small additional charge.


Stage 1.  Good!
Let us keep it that Way




Stage 2.  OK, but needs Sealing





Stage 3.  Fair, but getting worse. A good sealing will revitalize this surface.




Stage 4. The turning point.
This surface requires crack filling and sealing.





Stage 5:  Poor and almost..going…going…





Stage 6: Gone! The end of the road!
This surface requires replacement.